With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

November 20, 2009

Last Tuesday, I sent an email to all the subscribers of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast email list asking for a recommendation.

The reason?

The Living in Las Vegas Podcast Virtual Video Meetup beta test we ran last Friday was a success(!) and as a result, I wanted to get our list member’s suggestions regarding a good day/time combo for our upcoming series of LiLV Virtual Video Meetups.

About 10% of those who read the email responded and I wanted to both share the top day/time combos along with asking for your comments.  Because we see this as a great way to keep in touch with our listeners PLUS a groovy way to introduce our listeners to each other, please take a moment and give us your thoughts on the matter!  Thank you in advance!

In analyzing the responses (Excel to the rescue!), here’s the top 5 most popular day/time combos:

1. FRIDAY at 5PM Pacific, tied with #2

I may have influenced this as it was the example I gave in the email. 

2. MONDAY at 8PM Pacific

This had the same number of votes as Friday/5pm.  My concern here is for the EST folks.



Several comments suggesting a mid-week break from the daily grind.

4. SATURDAY at 9AM Pacific

Starting off the weekend right!  Would also give our many European listeners a chance to play along.

5. FRIDAY at 8PM Pacific

Starting off the weekend early!


What do you think?  Please take a moment right now and add a comment to the website.

Thanks again!

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