With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

October 20, 2010

As part of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast‘s addition to the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, we’ve decided to switch from an audio podcast to a live streaming video show that will be available as a video podcast as well. After launching the network and several shows (Pub Crawl, Getting REAL (Estate) in Vegas and Strip Search!), we’re about ready for our closeup.

Our first live show within the network will be this Sunday, at 10AM Pacific. You’ll be able to join us on the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK “Live” page by going here: http://www.VegasVideoNetwork.com/LIVE

Hope to see you there! We’ve got a lot to catch up on!

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November 20, 2009

Last Tuesday, I sent an email to all the subscribers of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast email list asking for a recommendation.

The reason?

The Living in Las Vegas Podcast Virtual Video Meetup beta test we ran last Friday was a success(!) and as a result, I wanted to get our list member’s suggestions regarding a good day/time combo for our upcoming series of LiLV Virtual Video Meetups.

About 10% of those who read the email responded and I wanted to both share the top day/time combos along with asking for your comments.  Because we see this as a great way to keep in touch with our listeners PLUS a groovy way to introduce our listeners to each other, please take a moment and give us your thoughts on the matter!  Thank you in advance!

In analyzing the responses (Excel to the rescue!), here’s the top 5 most popular day/time combos:

1. FRIDAY at 5PM Pacific, tied with #2

I may have influenced this as it was the example I gave in the email. 

2. MONDAY at 8PM Pacific

This had the same number of votes as Friday/5pm.  My concern here is for the EST folks.



Several comments suggesting a mid-week break from the daily grind.

4. SATURDAY at 9AM Pacific

Starting off the weekend right!  Would also give our many European listeners a chance to play along.

5. FRIDAY at 8PM Pacific

Starting off the weekend early!


What do you think?  Please take a moment right now and add a comment to the website.

Thanks again!

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November 13, 2009

Scott, are you planning a listener meetup any time soon?  We’re going to be in Las Vegas next week, and would love to meet other listeners to your show!”

From time to time, I get an email like the one above.  Melissa and I think it’s great that listeners to the show are interested in getting together, like we’ve done in previous meetups.  And while there’s nothing like seeing folks in person, there’s still many more people who’d like to attend but are unable to because their either busy, out of town, or not Las Vegas locals.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to create a Virtual Video Meetup—where any of our listeners could join in for free, regardless of their location, and have some fun talking among each other.

After some preliminary testing, I think I’ve created such an environment on the Living in Las Vegas Podcast website!


If you look on the Home Page of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast website, you’ll see a new graphic in the right-side column.  It takes you to our brand new LiLV LIVE VIDEO CHAT Room!  In it, we all can:

  1. Host an unlimited number of participants
  2. See and hear up to 12 Live Video Feeds from those participating in the meetup.
  3. Add content to the real-time textual chat window
  4. Engage in private text-chats with any participant

In our preliminary testing, we had five video feeds running at one time.  I’d like to push that a bit farther this evening, if you’re up for it!  So tonight I’m going to run a “beta” test of our new webpage: http://www.LivingInLV.com/VideoChat

Tonight at 5:30pm Pacific, you are invited to test out our new Live Video Chat Room.  I’ll be there with a lovely beverage hoping to talk with listeners from all over the place.  If you have a camera and microphone, come join the fun.  And even if you don’t, stop by anyways.  We had fun during our testing talking with people who just used the chat window provided for all participants.

Date: Today (11/13/09)
Time: 5:30pm Pacific
Where: http://www.LivingInLV.com/VideoChat
Why? Because I’m all about the Kumbaya, my friend!

Hope to see you tonight!

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