With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

Three New Folks Added to the Friends of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast Page

There is something joyous about finding an email addressed to friends@livinginlv.com in my inbox.  The stories.  The kind words.  The photos of groovy listeners from around the globe. So imagine my uber-joy as I proudly added three more folks to the Friends of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast page!

First we have Jason, who hails from Missouri and is clearly capable of any bodyguard duties I may need in the soon or distant future.

Next is Amber, a Las Vegas local who is a very impressive graphics designer. (She’s worked with several casinos here in town.)

And the latest addition is Michael and Melissa, a cute couple from Oregon who are in the midst of buying a short sale home here in Las Vegas.

Welcome all to the site!

By the way, are YOU on our Friends of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast page? It’s easy! Just attach a photo of yourself to an email and send it to friends@livinginlv.com. Include your name and location and you will join fabulous folks like Jason, Amber, Michael and Melissa!

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