With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

New Video Player on the Living in Las Vegas Podcast Website

For those of you who’ve been asking where they could see the video of our recent Live Video Streaming episode (#65 Living the Loft Lifestyle in Las Vegas), I’ve just developed a brand-spanking new video player on our homepage which features about 13 minutes from our 1 hour 21 minute show.


Stop on by and take a look!  It’s pretty cool.

During the process of creating this video clip, it became clear that trying to encode an 82 minute video into something downloadable was not going to happen.  The original file was 18GB.  The first-cut .mp4 was. . .get this. . .a hard drive-saving 900MB.  As a result, we have a new video offering up our sleeves that will be fun and a bit more size sensitive. More on that later.

Until than, enjoy the video!

(Oh, one more thing. . .I just received our first international confirmation for this Saturday’s LiLV Listener Meet Up at the Red Rock Casino!  Don’t leave JR (from Germany) wondering what’s what in Las Vegas!  Be sure to come out and join us!)

The Living in Las Vegas Podcast has joined the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, an online broadcasting network that specializes in insider news and expert views about Las Vegas.
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