With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

Moving Kit

Moving To Las Vegas Kit

Episode #23 of the Living In Las Vegas Podcast featured a discussion of all the places you need to contact when you first move to Las Vegas. Thus the “Moving To Las Vegas Kit” was created. This is the associated page mentioned in the show.

City Websites


Utility Services



Internet Access



Not having little tikes ourselves, we’re probably not much help here. However, we do know the Clark County is the 6th largest school district in the country.

Crime Research

Just like any large metropolitan area (there are approx. 1.8Million people in the Las Vegas Valley), there is crime in the area–depending on the area. A GREAT website to check crime is CrimeView Community Incident Map. You can search different crime types (accident, homicide, burglary, etc.) by landmark, zip code and cross streets (among other ways).