With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

#112: I Hope We Pass the Audition

June 15, 2011

In our first episode to be syndicated on Las Vegas’ AM 1400, KSHP, this episode of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast features the great outdoors, man’s best friend, and proof that you can be a senior citizen and still rock. (And yes, I wore the same shirt four episodes ago. So what.) Show notes:

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70: One is Good, One is Bad: Las Vegas Hiking, Las Vegas Real Estate Agents

August 29, 2009

[Let’s set the mood. . .it’s a Saturday night. . .the studio lights have been dimmed. . .the red wine is ready and willing. . .what better time to record a Living in Las Vegas Podcast?]

Professionalism?  Las Vegas Real Estate “Professionals” calling.  We’re a little lost, here.  Can you send somebody over?

Okay, this wasn’t meant to be the main topic. . .and it’s not. . .but, for the love of all things reasonable, get it together Las Vegas real estate folks!  You’re making those of us who live here look bad!

On a positive note, after ranting about the nasty issues of real estate, this edition of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast talks about three places to hike, two of which I deemed “hiked” even though my definition of hiked and Melissa’s were not completely in line.  Show notes:

  • PHOTOS! (of the studio, post-show)
  • Weather (heat advisory) / LiLV Pool (3 degrees from perfection)
  • LiLV Stuff
    • Listener Line: 206.312.0105
    • Sign up of Email Alerts (form found on right side of our website)
  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Education Series 
  • Thoughts on Las Vegas Podcasts
  • Mojito Recipe?
  • Summerlin Hospital RANT
  • Summerlin vs. Aliante
  • Real Estate Idiots
  • Listener Email: Real Estate Idiots +2, Holiday Festivities
  • Listener Audio: Where’s my strings, Mike?!?!
  • Hiking in Las Vegas
    • Red Rock
    • Valley of Fire
    • Mt. Charleston
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