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#119: What Really Happened at the VVN Invitational

Considering the high-stakes nature of the 1st Annual VVN Mini-Golf Invitational, it’s not surprising that some misinformation was disseminated. In this episode of Living in Las Vegas, we provide an accurate assessment of the event. We follow with a great experience at Capital Grille, which has the best deal on wine we’ve ever seen. Show notes:

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2 Responses to “#119: What Really Happened at the VVN Invitational”

  1. sharon c
    August 12th, 2011 12:27 pm

    My husband and I also ate at the Capital Grille for our anniversary last month although it was in Minneapolis. The food was great and the summer wine special was supurb. The only problem was we were there on the hotest and most humid day in Minn history and the restaurant’s A/C was broken. It was terrible. The staff tried their best and gave us cool towels to comfort us but I still felt awful. The staff also decorated our table with rose petals and had a signed card with everyone’s names on it for us. In the end the restaurant comped our drinks and our dessert. Aside from all that it was a great dinner.

  2. ScottW
    August 12th, 2011 10:05 pm

    We received a sign card as well! Nice touch!

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