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#107: News Shows, New Beginnings, New Dog?

In the course of the last week, there has been quite a few new and exciting things happening for your friends the Whitney’s. We’ve got a new show on VVN (with a sneak peek to boot), Pub Crawl’s David Ivy is about to be a rock star, and Melissa lunches with ladies and decides Coda and Boswell need a little brother. Show notes:

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  • Weather (what is happening?!?) / LiLV Pool (68…blech)
  • VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK News: Sneak peek at our new foodie show, David Ivy of Pub Crawl is about to be a rock star with Nancy Rayguns
  • Listener Email: More from Moscow, Ellis Island Casino revisited
  • Fashion shows, tea at Mandarin Oriental and little dogs
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