With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

If You’re a Golfer (or just want to be), This is For You

Golf & Other Fore-Letter WordsOver at the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, we’re very excited about a new show that premieres this Wednesday.

Hosted by local “golf guru” Dennis Silvers (ESPN, Fox Sports, Sirius/XM Radio), Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words is the newest addition to the network’s line up.

LIVE and very fast-paced, the show featuring three major segments:

  • “Tournament Scorecard” – an in-depth review of the previous week’s pro-golfing action
  • “Birdies and Bogies” — a funny (and often critical) look at the news and rumors of golf
  • “Handicap Helper” — Answers to viewer questions

Here’s the press release: VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK Adds ‘Golf & Other Fore-Letter Words’ to Network Line-Up

Come check us out LIVE this Wednesday at 6PM Pacific (http://VegasVideoNetwork.com/LIVE). If you have a golfing questions, send it along to golf@vegasvideonetwork.com.

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