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LASIK Recommendation in Las Vegas

When it comes to great Las Vegas Video, we’re working hard at the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK to develop great content.  With that great content comes the hope that we attract great sponsors to the network and our shows. 

I’m proud to say that with the New Year comes a new sponsor for the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK. We are very proud to be working with Dr. Richard Rothman and LASIK of Nevada.

In practice for over 20 years, Dr. Rothman has performed over 30,000 40,000 LASIK procedures and is the most experienced LASIK surgeon living in Nevada. I’ve known Dr. Rothman for several years now and have been impressed with his practice and the testimonials he continues to receive.

Speaking of testimonials, the LASIK of Nevada ad we’re running features Academy Award-nominated actor Chazz Palminteri, who flew from New York to get his LASIK procedure done by Dr. Rothman.

As part of LASIK of Nevada’s sponsorship, I asked if they’d offer VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK viewers special pricing. . .and they agreed to do so! Simply visit LasikOfNV.com/VVN and you’ll see that in addition to 50% off premium LASIK, if you mention “VVN”, you’ll receive another $200 discount!

If you’re considering LASIK, be sure to include Dr. Rothman and LASIK of Nevada in your research!

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