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[VIDEO] Tourist Video of Lion Attack at MGM Grand

I had heard earlier this month that a lion attacked a trainer at The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand.  Come to find out, a tourist was shooting video when it all took place!

The attack begins off camera.  It appears the male lion decided he’d had enough of the thinner trainer.  After the initial attack, the lion and trainer are separated only for the lion to go after him again a bit later in the video.

Here’s a thought – let’s stop thinking that putting a wild animal in an unnatural environment isn’t going to eventually piss it off.

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2 Responses to “[VIDEO] Tourist Video of Lion Attack at MGM Grand”

  1. Sonny Romano
    September 9th, 2010 12:19 pm

    The trainer was staring at the male lion. Alpha lion had to show him who was boss! I believe the lion in his mind was just playing with him. If alpha lion wanted to, he could have easily mauled the trainer. I love the part where the female lion attempted to calm the aggressive male.

  2. ScottW
    September 9th, 2010 6:22 pm

    Huh. . .I never thought that that particular move was meant to “calm” something down!

    I learn something every day!

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