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79: Cirque du Soleil Plus ELVIS – A Little Less Conversation?

Melissa and I are big fans of Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil and Elvis Presley.  So, combining the three into one big show has got to be fantastic!  Right? 

Today’s Living in Las Vegas Podcast gives you a personal account of our Viva ELVIS experience. Show notes:



4 Responses to “79: Cirque du Soleil Plus ELVIS – A Little Less Conversation?”

  1. Stuart Poyner
    July 7th, 2010 11:03 am

    Hi Scott & Melissa (if those are your real names….) – I have just been released from two years in a nice camp in Siberia, all for taking that Living in Las Vegas photo in Red Square! They think I’m an undercover American spy trying to infiltrate Russian politics and sending you coded messages posted on your Friends of LV site. I told them nothing. :-) PS – you are late with this month’s cash payment…just put it in the usual place….

    I thought I’d send you my review of Viva Elvis following on from yours. I saw it when in previews, so I guess some of the problems I saw may have been fixed – or perhaps not from your review.

    On the subject of the Colonel Sanders (?) figure – I noticed that as this staging was more like a ‘traditional’ show, they had some clumsy and time consuming change overs from the set pieces when all the big stage sets were being moved on or off stage. During these the Colonel came on and did his little pieces – mainly to fill in time while they changed the sets around. This is the first Cirque show where you need to understand English to fully appreciate the show – in the other shows you just need to understand Clownese.

    I agree this is more of a song and dance show rather than a Cirque show (or rather a Cirque show in the mode of the other 15 on the Strip). I kept thinking “why am I paying Cirque prices to watch some singers I have never heard of sing Elvis songs to projected home movies – if I want this I’m sure there are cheaper and just as enjoyable piano bars / cabaret rooms to go to”. For Cirque I would have expected, rather than just plain old projected films, some cutting edge 3-D images blending into the live action. Where was the ‘wow’ factor? Even though I was disappointed with this show I am still hopefull that their next show – the Michael Jackson themed one – will bring the ‘wow’ factor back. For Love one of the ‘wow’ factors was the sound – the built in surround sound speakers built into the back of the seats. There was nothing like this in Viva Elvis – and this was a purpose built theatre not a refit like the Love theatre.

    Also, there was just too much going on at any one time. The stage is big, but they did not seem to know how to fill it. Quite often there were many different things going on on different areas of the stage. When I saw it there were two rope trick guys – each doing different tricks at the same time. I kept wanting to scream out to the Director of the show: “where do you want me to look now? I only have two eyes and you have three things happening at once!”

    I would stay to visitors go to Donny & Marie and Human Nature first – at both of these shows you will have a much better time.

    Anyway, I’m off on my nightly prowl around the Kremlim to see if I can get any tidbits to send onto you.


  2. ScottW
    July 7th, 2010 11:05 am

    Great comments and insights, Stuart! Sounds like we had similar experiences. I’ve heard good things about Human Nature myself.

  3. DarleneinDetroit
    July 8th, 2010 3:36 pm

    Hey Scott and Melissa, just wanted to tip you two off to another podcast that you might enjoy. It can be found at Zentikilounge.com .
    I recently found it while looking for other Vegas stuff. They are actually in LA but say they come to Vegas all of the time. The premise of the show is that they mix a different Tiki drink each week and listen to Tiki music while commenting on current (and Tiki) events. It is quite entertaining and the drink recipes are very interesting. Really enjoy your podcast and wish you did it more often!!

  4. ScottW
    July 8th, 2010 5:02 pm

    Thanks, Darlene.

    Appreciate the request for more shows. Uhhh. . .we get that a lot. I’m working on something that will deliver exactly what you’ve asked for. . .more content. . .and video to boot!

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