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78: YeeeeHaaaaw! I’m a Little Bit Country at Helldorado Days in Downtown Las Vegas

I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for that chewing tobacco thing, I’d have been a cowboy. Oh, and the cows. And that smell. And all that dirt and stuff. And sleeping in anything other than a kind-size bed.

But I digress.

Today’s Living in Las Vegas Podcast brings out our cowboy and cowgirl side as we ramble on down yonder to the Hellodaro Days celebration in downtown Las Vegas. Show notes:

  • PHOTOS! (Git, now.)
  • Weather (THAT’S what I’m talking about) / LiLV Pool (400,000 BTU’s to the rescue!)
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  • LiLV Podcast Spring 2010 MeetUp Review
  • Long Weekend at Newport Beach
  • New Friends of the LiLV Podcast (well, pending (Bob!!))
  • Scott Gets Jury Duty
  • Jacob’s post on Immigration
  • Overheard on The Strip (visit. . .and SHARE!)
  • Helldorado Days



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