With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

Living in Las Vegas Podcast Spring 2010 Meet Up: Three Days and Counting!

For those of you who read this blog from outside of the Las Vegas area, you are missing out on a city-wide increase in energy that I’ve not seen since March of last year.  You feel it on the street corners, in the bars, and on The Strip. 

What’s all the buzz about?

People of all ages are uber-excited about the upcoming Living in Las Vegas Spring 2010 Meet Up!!

[queue thunderous applause]

In three short days, the who’s who of podcast listeners will gather at Brio in Town Square at 6:30PM to share stories and libations, meet new friends, and bask in the light that is magically created when we gather to celebrate this groovy little podcast.

“Who is going to be there, Scott?”

Just the coolest people evah!  Here’s some of the folks that have already RSVP’d:

  • Scott (Hey, that’s me!)
  • Melissa (Naughty Jelly Sweet)
  • Jacob (Blogs on the LiLV site with me)
  • Sally  (Wife of he who is Jacob and photographer of the stars)
  • Neil (from the UK(!) – LiLV is International Baby!!)
  • Sarah (from the UK(!) – wife of Neil and Melissa-level shopper)
  • Cheryl (Ph.D in smart podcast listening (and other stuff I can’t explain))
  • David (Listener Email theme? He wrote that.  Did our new logo, too.)
  • Alicia (Groovy gal, wife of David, and owes me chocolate)
  • Malya (not a vampire, muy funero)
  • Ira (new listener, often emailer, new in town)
  • Ted (AccessVegas.com bossman, Las Vegas insider)
  • Oprah (Not really, just checking to see if you’re really reading this)
  • Maria (Recognized Melissa whilst shopping! How cool is that?)
  • Ron (Best stylist in Las Vegas)

Are you coming?  Let me know!! Just click meetup@livinginlv.com and tell me you’ll be there!  If I already know you, I’ll add you to the list above, along with an insightful parenthetical comment.  And if I don’t know you, I’ll add you to our list, along with a less-then-insightful parenthetical comment.  Either way, you’ll be famous!  And your Ma and Pa will think you’re swell.

By the way, If you don’t live in Las Vegas but will BE HERE this Saturday, you should come by and say HI!!  Much fun will be had.  And you could probably use a break from your mind-numbing gambling loss.  (Thanks for that, however.  Our taxes are low ‘cause of great people like you!)

As a reminder, here’s the details:

LOCATION: Brio Restaurant, Town Square (South Las Vegas Blvd, by Fry’s)

See you on Saturday!!!  Come have some fun and bring a friend!

p.s. Mark G. from Georgia, who won our deer naming content, has asked that I take his winnings and transfer them to a Meet Up attendee.  So, I will buy the third person to arrive a drink – further proof that our listeners are all about giving.

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