With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

Everybody is a LiLV Friend (Until They Prove Otherwise)

Okay, well that’s not completely true. 

Yes, Melissa and I think of all our listeners as our friends.  And if it were up to me, I’d simply grab your photo from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, wherever and automatically add your smiling face to our Friends of LILV Page.

Buuuuuuut several privacy statutes prevent me from doing so.

So, we get by with an little (email) help from our friends – most recently, Kim O. from San Diego!!

Kim continues to prove that along with being the smartest podcast audience in the world, the Living in Las Vegas Podcast listeners are good looking people, too!

I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast,
but LiLV Friends are the BEST (according to this post).

Kim recently signed up to our E-mail list and immediately decided that besides receiving groovy email stuff, she wanted her whites to be whiter. 

But how?”, Kim thought to herself.

Then it dawned on her.  She remembered visiting the Friends page and learning that by simply emailing her photo to friends@livinginlv.com, her whites would be whiter.

Ahhhh, problem solved,” Kim sighed.

Welcome to the website, Kim!  And may I say, what nice whites you have.

By the way, are YOU on our Friends page?  If you’re not, you should be!  Just attach a photo of yourself to an email and send it to friends@livinginlv.com.  Life as you know it will improve and you’ll be blessed by the universe!

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