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Did You See That Time’s Article About Las Vegas Foreclosures? I Know One Realtor Who Wish You Didn’t

I just learned (thanks Cheryl!) that Time.com took down the video I referred to in a recent blog post [Time Magazine Features Las Vegas Foreclosure: Article and Video] because of “some sensitivity with various issues”.  There is a very interesting article on the Las Vegas Sun website about the fallout from the Time’s article — specifically, the Realtor quoted in the piece is in hot water. 

In the original Time’s article, the Realtor (Brooke Boemio) bragged about “helping clients who are underwater on their mortgages buy a second house on the cheap and stop making payments on their first mortgages, pressuring the bank into selling the houses for a loss” [from the Sun article].   She said that “everybody’s doing it”, including herself.

That practice, along with breaking into a foreclosure house, did not reflect well on the real estate community and has since brought some heat to Ms. Boemio.  Since the story appeared, she no longer works for Coldwell Banker, having “parted ways”.

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