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Social House at Treasure Island Shuts Down

Melissa and I often recommend Social House to out-of-town guests interested in a great restaurant on the Strip.  It’s got a great view of both the Strip itself and TI’s pirate show and, so we’ve heard, great sushi. (We don’t eat sushi.  I believe sushi is Japan’s response to WWII.  Fool the Americans into eating raw fish.  Course, it’s just a theory.)  Anywho, we’ve been several times, have taken our kids there a couple times, and we always come away impressed.

Melissa’s cousin was in town last week and we recommended she and her husband check it out (they are a: big sushi fans and b: don’t subscribe to my paranoia).

Come to find out, the Social House is no longer being social.  M’s cousin told us it was closed!

I didn’t know anything about that (obviously) so I sent out a tweet/facebook message asking around.  Here’s what I learned:

According to Pure Management Group (who run Social House and several other restaurants/clubs in LV). . .

“PMG announces that on Sunday, July 5 it will close its innovative sushi restaurant, Social House inside Treasure Island in order to concentrate on negotiations for a new location on the Las Vegas Strip for the popular restaurant concept.

PMG is excited to announce the new location once negotiations have been completed.”

Isn’t that crazy?  Why would they leave that location?  Why would TI allow them to leave?  Is this all about greed?  Was TI not being fair?  Will Batman save Robin from the giant clam?

I’d like to know what transpired behind-the-scenes to motivate a management group to simply shut down a restaurant, versus continue to negotiate.

(Melissa just walked in while I was writing this and said she didn’t think Social House was very well “featured” at TI.  She said it was “kinda hard to find, and that the restaurant itself you couldn’t see from the casino floor.”)

Wouldn’t it be cool to know what really happened?

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One Response to “Social House at Treasure Island Shuts Down”

  1. ScottW
    August 7th, 2009 10:16 am

    Just heard from @hunter that the reason for the departure is because TI owner Ruskin want to put his own Pan Asian restaurant (Khotan?) in that location. It will feature Rusin’s large collection of rare jade.

    (Was hoping for something a bit more juicy. . .but this will do!)

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