With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

April 24, 2009

You know what I like about Sundays?  Professional football.  There’s nothing like sitting down to a great game between your two favorite teams.  The excitement, the energy, the compe. . . .huh?. . .no pro football this Sunday?

Are you kidding me? 

What kind of a country is this?!?!  What the hell are you suppose to do this Sunday?  How are you going to be entertained and educated on this day of rest.

Where’s your Sunday bail out package?

Relax.  Your friends Scott and Melissa would never let you suffer.  Here’s the relief from a Sunday of sadness guaranteed to bring a smile to your face:

Living in Las Vegas Podcast LIVE Streaming Video Event

When: Sunday, April 26 
Time: 12:00PM PDT / 3:00PM EDT (There’s a reason for the later start time.  I’ll let Melissa explain during the show.)
Where: http://www.LivingInLV.com/LiveVideo

Put it on your calendar.  Bring your own booze (we might join you!).  Frolic about in the live chat.  And thumb your nose at the NFL!

We’ll see you on Sunday!

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