With 5,000 people moving here each month, somebody had to spill the beans!

Video Preview: Episode 66– Springs Preserve

March 22, 2009

The first ten minutes of Episode #66 of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast, featuring information on the Springs Preserve.


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66: Learning About the Origins of Las Vegas at Springs Preserve

March 22, 2009

Recorded in front of a LIVE Streaming Video Audience (click to see video)!

For many of us, the search for our origins has translated into thousands of dollars of therapy.  And while I’m certainly not one to criticize the need to lay (or is it lie?) on a couch and travel back in time to explore your childhood, allow me to suggest another avenue of discovery.  In this edition of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast, we feature our trip to Springs Preserve, an outstanding place to learn all about your history. . .if by “you” you mean Las Vegas.  Show notes:

  • Weather (for the love of God, enough with the wind and rain. . .it was beautiful a couple days ago!) / LiLV Pool (full of seat cushions)
  • LiLV Stuff
    • Listener Line: 206.312.0105
    • Sign up of Email Alerts (form found on right side of our website)
  • Plumbing Crap Brought on by our Builder
  • Loft Update
  • The Outdoor/RV Show at the Convention Center
  • Hanging out in Downtown
  • Listener Email: Beaches and Job Descriptions
  • Springs Preserve
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March 18, 2009


You’ve got to love a woman who says to you, “You know what Scott, we should do another live show this Sunday.”

I do love her.  How could you not love a Naughty Jelly Sweet like Melissa.  It’s impossible!  And to visually demonstrate that love (easy. . .nothing provocative) and to share with y’all our latest Las Vegas adventure, our next LIVE Streaming Video Podcast is on the schedule.  Here’s the deal:

When: Sunday, March 22
Time: 10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT
Where: http://www.LivingInLV.com/LiveVideo

Put it on your calendar.  We had a great time during the last show (over 140+ people showed up). 

We’ll see you on Sunday!

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March 13, 2009

We’re 30 hours away from the March 2009 Living in Las Vegas Podcast Listener Meetup.  That’s the good news.

What’s the bad news?

Well, I’d say it has to do with the attendees.  I don’t really know how many people will be joining us at the Red Rock Casino and Hotel tomorrow at 6PM, but from the few folks who’ve contacted me, it could be a rough crowd.

For example:

  • A Germany from Hong Kong: Huh?  Is that even possible?  Are there no direct flights from Berlin?
  • A Couple of Foreigners: Have you ever been to Michigan?  It’s too damn cold there.  How can somebody with any sense live there?  What could possibly be on their minds?
  • Two Podcast Hosts: Okay. . .these two folks are pretty nice.  Buy them a drink. They’re thirsty.
  • A Birthday-Boy Web Stud: Into HTML?  Dig CSS?  Then a good time will be had by all you.
  • A Real-Life Ph.D.  And believe me when I say Ph.D doesn’t stand for what you think it does.  Oh sure, it’s “official”.  But I’m pretty sure it should stands for Pretty hard.  Drinker.

Frightening, right?  Who knows what kind of craziness will ensue.  So, if you want my advice, I’d say. . .join us.  Not so much because it’ll be a good time.  I just need a witness in the event things get a little out of hand.

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March 10, 2009

For those of you who’ve been asking where they could see the video of our recent Live Video Streaming episode (#65 Living the Loft Lifestyle in Las Vegas), I’ve just developed a brand-spanking new video player on our homepage which features about 13 minutes from our 1 hour 21 minute show.


Stop on by and take a look!  It’s pretty cool.

During the process of creating this video clip, it became clear that trying to encode an 82 minute video into something downloadable was not going to happen.  The original file was 18GB.  The first-cut .mp4 was. . .get this. . .a hard drive-saving 900MB.  As a result, we have a new video offering up our sleeves that will be fun and a bit more size sensitive. More on that later.

Until than, enjoy the video!

(Oh, one more thing. . .I just received our first international confirmation for this Saturday’s LiLV Listener Meet Up at the Red Rock Casino!  Don’t leave JR (from Germany) wondering what’s what in Las Vegas!  Be sure to come out and join us!)

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March 4, 2009

With a thankful tip of the hat to Cheryl [contributors page] for her recon work, along with a further hat tip to Rob and Lois [friends page] for moving things along, the next Living in Las Vegas Podcast Listener Meet Up is officially ON for Saturday, March 14th!

To change things up a bit, the March Meet Up will take place at the nicest “locals” casino in the Las Vegas Valley: the $950M Red Rock Hotel and Casino. (No, not Whitney Villa. . .we’ve not been properly sanctioned for gaming.)  Here’s the scoop:

Location: Red Rock Casino and Hotel
Gathering Spot: Swanky* Bar by the hotel lobby (found in the center of the circular area adjacent to the lobby itself [pdf])
Where Should I Park? East Valet or East Parking Garage
Date: Saturday, March 14
Time: 6PM
Attire: Only if you want to get in
Calendar: Click here to add to your calendar

Melissa and I are looking forward to seeing y’all again!  It’s been too long between good times with LiLV listeners!  For those thinking about coming out for the first time, our first gathering was awesome, our second was spoooooky, and our third will be uber-groovy as well.  Come on out and join the fun!  As an added bonus, I’ll be sure to share how I went from Scott Whitney, civilian to Lord Scott Whitney.  (It’s good to be the king. . .er. . .lord.)

See you on March 14th!  And feel free to invite a friend.


* “Swanky” is Cheryl’s description.

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March 3, 2009

Melissa and I have returned from seven beautiful days in Playa del Carmen, found about 30 or so miles south of Cancun.  I got to tell you, there is something quite enjoyable about spending a week in an all-inclusive hotel drinking, eating, lounging, swimming and then drinking some more.  (For those interested, we stayed at Valentin Imperial Maya.)  Besides a nice tan, I brought home a new appreciation for the power of a great swim-up bar.  (I’ve also confirmed that Melissa and Sarah can shooooooooooooooop.  I mean really, how long can you look at a $8 wrap and not just decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’?!?) 

Before our journey into vacationland, a request for the next Living in Las Vegas Listener Meetup came up during our live video podcast.  Cheryl has done some recon and I’ll post the details tomorrow.

Until then, it’s great to be back!

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