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Station Casinos Lost How Much? All Eyes on Aliante.

There has been a nice buzz around these parts about tonight’s Aliante Station Casino opening.  We’ve seen a handful of news channel features about the new property over the last month or so along with several articles in the local newspapers.  I’ve always been VERY impressed with much of what Station Casinos does so I was surprised when I heard on Channel 3’s 11PM news that for the third quarter of 2008 (which ends on September 30) the company lost $23 million.  To compare, for Q3 2007, the company made $3.7 million. 

In the words of Keanu Reeves — “Whooaah”.

Both Melissa and I were surprise by that.  I always had the impression that all ten Station Casinos properties were doing very well.  Every time we visited Red Rock or Santa Fe, they looked pretty busy. 

Here’s hoping their eleventh casino at Aliante will be the beginning of a big turn around.  The company is obviously spending a lot of money on getting the word out. . .billboards, TV commercials, newspaper ads.  Just yesterday, they paid for the insertion of a 16 page “Promotional Feature” section in the Review-Journal.  That had to be expensive!

We will be checking the place out at their 11/11/08 at 11:11PM opening and putting out a new LiLV Podcast episode soon thereafter. 

Our fingers are crossed!!

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